The girl behind Distinctive Demoiselle

Hey ladies :)
Welcome to my closet!
My name is Karla, I'm french Canadian with El Salvadorian roots. This is the place where I get to share with you a little about my style through the items you'll find in here. Oh and you won't only find beautiful items to wear, but also beautiful characteristics to adopt for a better version of us. 
For the longest time, I used to have an extreme sense of inferiority caused by several events that impacted my life. I had a hard time dealing with negative thoughts such as: "You're worthless, you're not capable, you're unlovable, you're insignificant, you're not fun to be around" and much more. I literally saw no good in me which in some way made me pessimistic about me, about life and just about everything. Not only I was struggling with myself, but everything around me was negative which made things worse at the time, and it felt like there was no way out. 
However, among all the negativity that surrounded me there was one thing that I was always desperately looking to give and share - LOVE ❤️ So contradictory huh? Yup. I could not see the good on me and therefore on anyone else because I was just too hurt. But one day it clicked on me -  my past and negative events do not define me, they should not control my behaviour and change who I truly am. I choose what, who and how I want to be. 
Everyone has gone through difficult moments, some harder than others but at the end of the day, we all have the choice to grow bitter or sweeter. We've been given the power to take control over our thoughts, our emotions, and once we get that, oh my dear - big and beautiful things start to happen. I am a huge fan of self-improvement, and now my everyday goal is to become the best version of me. There are so many beautiful characteristics that would make us better if we work on ourselves, in adopting them. Who doesn't love to dress nice and look good all the time? But, all that is useless if from the inside we don't look good, clean and sharp. The goal here darling, is to look good from inside-out, free from bitterness, resentment, grudges, anger, jealousy, discontentment, indignation, and anything that is negative and toxic. Change inner clothes and dress yourself with beauty and you will see how everything around you changes. I know it's hard, but remember that we can do ALL THINGS through Christ! 
Let no storm brake you or change who you are, stand firm and let it show how strong and capable you are!  Let's be EVERGREEN LIKE A PALM TREE!  ❤️
So in this adventure, I decided to combine my love for fashion (outtercloset) and my interest for self-improvement and self-encouragement (innercloset), and share all that with you. We might even learn new words together...
For now, while I work in building my closet with beautiful items, I hope you'll like the few items I have for you. 🙂 
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Distinctive Demoiselle